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What material does the hook and loop have?
Industry information / 2019-08-31
1, nylon raw materials
Nylon is not simply burned, and it is very soft. The trick is suitable for use on clothing and is a very environmentally friendly raw material.
2, polyester raw materials
Simple incineration, and black smoke will occur, along with the taste of the nose, the raw materials are hard, and the hand feel is rough.
3, polyester and nylon mixed raw materials
Combining all the characteristics of polyester and nylon, it is not easy to incinerate and is very useful. The adhesive tape is made of this material.
4, nylon A grade raw materials
It is very soft and is often used as a close-fitting garment. It can also be applied to your baby without skin damage.
5, do not catch raw materials
There are mainly varieties that do not catch the hairy tricks. As long as the matte surface, the hooks are generally used with nylon A-grade materials, and are used in contrasting clothes.
Different raw materials can be made into different kinds of hook and loop fasteners. The raw materials are different. The use and characteristics of the hook and loop fasteners are different. However, all kinds of hook and loop fasteners are in line with environmental protection standards, and customers can follow their own. Need to pick a different variety of hook and loop fasteners.
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