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Sewing-on Tape

Product introduction

The nylon magic tape product isn't aged easily, with sound durability, powerful buckling force, soft and smooth texture, environmental protection material and wide application. Hook&Loop, also called magic tape, is a kind of garment connecting accessories. It is divided into male and female sides. The side with tiny soft fiber is LOOP, the other side with hard bristle is HOOK. Usually, the hook side is on top of loop. Magic tape is closely relevant with technology product. Along with the changes of the times, Hi-tech electronic industries think bode well for the future of Hook&Loop application, and relevant Hook&Loop products have been successfully developed and designed as well as put into mass production and use. Hook&Loop cable tie is widely used in a great range of famous Hi-tech electronic products as Dell, SAMSUNG, APPLE and Lenovo. Various products with different kinds of design patterns are visible in the electron life everywhere.
Product Function
Magic tape is a kind of connecting material frequently used on bag and clothes, It is divided into male and female sides, the side with tiny soft fiber is LOOP, the other side with hard bristle is HOOK. Hook and Loop stick each other closely, under the condition of certain transversal force, the elastic hook is straightened and opened due to loosing from loop, and then hook returns to original shape, such opening and closing action can be realized for over ten thousand times.
Hook&Loop sells well all around the world, and it is widely used as accessories in such industries as garment, shoes, hat, bag, suitcase, sofa, curtain, toy, tent, gloves, sport device, medical apparatus, and plastic-electronic and other military prod
Product Atlas

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