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Adhesive Hook&Loop

Product introduction

Adhesive Hook&Loop: A layer of self-adhesive glue is pasted on the back of Hook&Loop tape and can be optionally pasted on the surface of plastic, ironware, timber, and electronic products, with strong stickiness. Self adhesive Hook&Loop procedures: on the basis of standard Hook&Loop tape and special tape, using the high temperature back-glue fuse machine to make the glue melt on their back, then cover one layer of oiliness release paper. The product is divided into 3 types: 1.normal adhesive Hook&Loop, which is with low melting point, and applicable to use in the winter, and low temperatured conditions, just common stickiness. 2. Another one is hot melt adhesive Hook&Loop, with higher fusing point, and is applicable to be used on high temperature machine and in hot summer, with strong adhesive and long time keeping. 3. The third one is 3M back-glue product, namely, the 3M glue production is utilized to be cut into corresponding size and adhered on the back of products, belonging to the relatively special top processing products.
Product Function
Self adhesive Hook&Loop machine can process the common adhesive Hook&Loop as well as back-to-back Hook&Loop. 
The product ranges width from 12.5mm to 200mm.And can make following items: normal adhesive hook&loop,plastic hook adhesive etc. 
Generally, the color of release paper for back-glue Hook&Loop is white, such colors as yellow, transparent color and milk white are used seldom. 
Generally, the white paper type can be divided into thickened and common type; the frequently-used is the common one. If you don’t specify the paper while producing, the production personnel will automatically use the paper with common one. 
Range of application: in home furnishing, paper packing, stationery, electronic and bags and suitcases etc.
Range of application: widely used in such industries as furnishing, paper packing, stationery, electronic and bags and suitcases.
Product Atlas

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