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Hair Curler

Product introduction

It is woven by the special technology, with elegant appearance, the hook is finer and is free of sticking the hair as well as is easy to taken from the head, the bottom of tape is breathable, being of beautiful and practicable hair ornament. Curly hair band is commonly known as magic paste of hair.Girls who concern beauty could pay attention to the hair rings with hooks used by the hairstylist on fixing the waves of hair when operating the curly hair on your head. This is curly hair band.
Product Function
The curly hair band is always used in processing for hair roller. It can be attached on the hair to fix the hair and pre- vent hair fromdropping down and used in doing the beauty  salon, curly hair aswell as can be used to keep the front  hair from dropping down when the gir is making up or  washing her face. This product is used in time saving simply and can be used repeatedly.
Packing supplies and hair ornaments are used  to attach the hair upward when female wash- ing theface or making up to prevent the front hair and brokenhairs from being wet and can also  be used as hairpin or in rolling the hair.
Product Atlas

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