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What kind of hook and loop is selected?
Industry information / 2019-08-31
In our daily life, we can see the figure of the hook and loop belt everywhere. It can be said that the field is very extensive. And more importantly, the Velcro is very resistant to high temperatures and low temperatures, and the use of Velcro tapes can provide us with a protective effect.
And the gluing tape can protect our body and, more importantly, it can be recycled. When buying, we should pay attention to the quality of the Velcro tape, because there are some black-hearted businesses in the market, selling Velcro bags, tempting people at very low prices. There used to be users of the website for the Velcro tape. After a network survey, the general idea is: "When buying a hook and loop tape, you should pay attention to its quality when buying it, or pay attention to its price." Many buyers choose to pay attention to the price, and think that the hook and loop fastener seems to be There is not much use in life, and because the Velcro tape is a product, and it is not like eating and wearing in life, it is nothing to pay attention to its quality.
This is a very wrong concept, because if you choose a low-priced Velcro tape, yes, it was very reasonable to buy it at the time, but if it comes to the real use, the Velcro tape Broken, this? Who is this loss? And the low-priced Velcro tapes are generally very easy to break. There are a lot of black-hearted merchants selling almost one-off, and then attracting customers with gorgeous advertisements.
Remember, don't buy things because of small losses! We must not make low-level mistakes, because low-level mistakes are likely to cause harm to us!
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