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What special application does the hook and loop have?
Industry information / 2019-08-31
The application of the hook and loop fasteners is more and more extensive, so we can not only see them in some common industries, but also in some special cases.
Did you know that the hook and loop fasteners are also used on the parachute wing? Usually there are two sets of hook and loop fasteners to fix the two ends of the parachute wing. When using the parachute, you can adjust it. The position of the parachute direction wing adjusts the direction of the landing.
Have you used it in family life, often used to organize household items, such as wire or data cable bundles. It can also be used on the remote control. The length of the hook and loop fastener can also be adjusted according to its size. In short, very convenient.
The hook and loop fastener can also be used on the IPAD, because the adhesive tape has a very strong adhesive force, so the ipad can be firmly fixed. Whether it is the location of the fixed IPAD with the hook and buckle to facilitate the movie, or the car as a navigation device, it is very convenient.
The Velcro strap can also be used on children's wear, because the hook and loop fastener can be repeatedly pasted a lot of times, and it is convenient. Therefore, using the Velcro strap on the children's wear will make dressing easier, convenient for children, and also because of the buckle. The belt is soft and all will not scratch your child.
In short, the use of the fastening tape is more and more, compared with the previous zipper and button, the fastening tape has strong viscosity and long service life, so the use effect is better and more popular.
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